Education & Training

Plan4Sport delivers a range of education and training opportunities for the sport and public sectors covering three core themes: equality, diversity and inclusion, mental health awareness, and leadership development.

We have a range of online, remote facilitated and face to face equality, diversity and inclusion training programmes available including general equality awareness for staff, board members, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers, unconscious-bias training, equality action planning and impact assessments, senior leaders’ programmes to help embed equality across the business, and developing inclusive organisations.

Our equality, diversity and inclusion education programmes cover the Equality Act 2010, protected characteristics, appropriate language, managing incidents, stakeholder engagement and minimising business risk in the context of equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as broader themes including trans-inclusion and mental health. We have also developed a wide range of supporting resources to help embed EDI across the whole business.

Workshops delivered across the UK include:

  • Strategic Leadership in EDI;
  • Creating an inclusive business and brand;
  • EDI in strategic plans;
  • Future Leaders programmes for aspiring talent;
  • CEO leadership programme;
  • Equality Impact Assessment training for NGBs;
  • Mental Health Awareness workshops for staff and CEOs;
  • Action planning and understanding data;
  • Trans-Inclusion Policy development.

“We now understand our responsibilities as an organisation for employees’ mental health and the impact this has on the business. We have increased awareness of staff, senior management and board and have preventative methods to create increased resilience. We understand how to support employees with mental illness and have implemented a policy, strategy and risk assessment.

“It was one of the most highly beneficial processes we have been through as an organisation. The stigma around mental health has been removed. Staff speak openly about their mental well-being and feel they will be supported and not discriminated against when disclosing.

“The mental health and well-being of staff is now taken seriously within the organisation and embedded into organisational processes and strategy.”

Head of Development, Wales Golf